segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2008

Earth day ( global warming)

hello to everyone, my name is Aurélio Júnior and using Windows Movie Maker i created this video with the aim to show and talk a little about global warming, during the video i expose some information taken from the Internet and other researched and put myself in the video.
The songs were chosen to give greater emphasis to the subject.
From this video I am now opening the "GLOBAL WARMING CHAT" what will be a sort of chat for all who want to expose their ideas and discuss with other people from different countrys about global warming, its causes and consequences.

PS: If you have msn messenger or skype place along with your commentary so that we can maintain contact with each other.


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Ana Maria disse...


What a great video you´ve prepared! The soundtrack is really good too! Remember to always create a title for your posts so that we can see what it´s about in PAGEFLAKES. Great job!


Loreley disse...

Hi Aurelio, I like the video you prepared, really nice! I hope to see you posting to see what you think about global warming. See you soon,
Lore (from Argentina)

Loreley disse...

Hi Aurelio, thanks for dropping by in my blog. I like that you added some commentary to the video. It's a great video! My skype ID is lorena.recio, see you soon,

Ana Maria disse...

Dear Aurelio,

The word we were searching for last class is "cuckold" = chifrudo hahahaha
A colleague of mine found out in the net.

Ana Maria disse...


Dennis Phoenix´s new blog address is and there´s a post there for you.

Go there and see,