domingo, 22 de junho de 2008

3 Questions

Ok, Karol here is it my aswers for the questions you've sended to me.

1.What would you do if the world finished tomorrow?
-->Well if the world were ending tomorrow, I would today be next to people who were next to me in every moment of my life, no matter if they were sad or happy, but they were wool, and of course stay with tomy family, and certainly I would greatly appreciate knowing that everything I did in life worth it, don't worring abouto anything at any time and get only look after and say how everything was good and unforgettable.

2.What place you wouldn't die without knowing?
-->Well there are many places that I would greatly appreciate konowing, but a place that I would not want to die without konowing is Paris, because for me is the city of loves and passions, and certainly is one of the most beautiful in the world.

3.If you can change something in the Harry Potter's story, what wold you change?
-->Karol you know i love Harry Potter.I would venture to not change anything that was written by the great J.K.Rownling, but certainly something I would very much like to change would be that there was no final, but who am I to challenge JK, the final was perfect and I would not change anything.