quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

This is the new song from Timbaland and one republic. It's very famous this song, in the world of music, the artist at vidio the are a sucess at many places in the World.

This song made number 1 on Euro Top 20 on MTV, and other parts of the world to.
this is just one, of "millions" of songs made by timbaland in other songs he sing or just wrote the song, for/whit other singers (e.g. justin timbarlake). in the future i going to put more informatinos and musics from this grate artist and other artists to.

enjoy, see, and comment aboute the vidio clio and the music.

2 comentários:

Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi Aurelio,
you havea good taste when it comes to music! Your blog looks really coll and I am sure there will be many iteresting things about music and videos.Way to go!
Danubia ( IB teacher)

Fernando HBN disse...

Hi Aurelio,
that's nice idea make a blog about music! This music( apologize ) is so great. I listen it all days and I have never seen it. That's it.

Bye, Fernando