sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2008

The billionaire businessman Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) and mechanical Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) living in two worlds opposites. Their paths cross is when it divided a quarter of a hospital and discover have two things in common: the desire to pass the time of life they left doing everything they always wanted to do before "hit the boots," and the need to accept who are. Together they depart on the journey of their lives, becoming friends along the way and learning to enjoy life to the full, with inspiration and humor. And so he will meeting each item from your list of wishes.

it's a very good movie, very beautiful.

in this film you gonna see, it is possible to do everything we want, all we nedd to do it's start to belive everything is possible.


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Ana Maria disse...

This is a film I definitely want to see. The actors are great and the story seems very good. It´s great to see how languages have idiomatic expressions for the same things, our portuguese "bater as botas" is "kick the bucket" in English. And they even use that expression in the movie trailer you´ve added. Aurelio, you´re doing a great job. Remember to visit other blogs at PAGEFLAKES

sign with your blog address, don´t forget.


Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi Aurelio,
Did you have the chance to watch the Oscar last night? since your blog is about movies you could add a little note about the movies who won some awards. That would be very interesting!
you are doing a great job an you have a great way with words!


Marcela disse...

I really like your post and I'm doing a blog about movies too.
I want to see this film. And how Danubia says you can post things about the Oscar. It will be a post interesting.

Ana Maria disse...


you asked me how to add a counter to your blog, go to
select the counter you prefer, copy the code, then go to your dashboard (Painel), layout, add page element, HTML code, then copy the code into the box and publish it. If you have any problem, let me know.